Ben Busy


Curriculum Vitae

180LA / Hewlett Packard - Muralist

+ Art Directed and composed 28-mural series for the HP product development Lab in Palo Alto, California.
+ Painted the murals in the physical space.

Zumiez- Lead Designer

+ Art Directed web placements and microsite campaigns.
+ Managed campaign omni-channel communication. (Site placement- email and banner marketing, social, etc.)
+ Contributed significantly to the redesign of the site aesthetic launched on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Seattle Art Museum - Digital Designer

+ Managed web placements and microsite for Future Beauty exhibition
+ General museum signage.
+ Established continuing relationship with client. 

Nordstrom - Concept Designer & E-Marketing Designer

+ Designed digital ads and emails for web placement and client distribution. 
+ Most recently, was responsible for application of brand strategy to tablet application.
+ Created templates for recreation and adaptation by fellow designers.

Instrument Digital Craft- Design Intern

+ Interactive Production Design Assistant. 
+ Managed and produced files ready for web development. 
+ Designed web based collateral for clients including Google, Intel, Nike(Sports Wear & 6.0).

Freelance Throughout- Creative Direction, Project Mgmt. & Design
+ Managed all aspects of a design project from Budgeting to creative direction and design. 
+ Interact Directly with clients to provide the most viable solution.
+ Maintained professionalism and schedule of both freelance and employer’s design assignments. 

Western Washington University Graduate Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design


+ Understanding of visual communication and its application.

+ Ability to set goals, multi task, identify and resolve problems while under strict deadlines in a fast paced and detail oriented environment.

+ Proficiency in the use of adobe programs 

-photoshop (HTML,CSS, Java)
+ Excels at building Physical Packaging proofs. 

+ Experience in the printing process including offset, letterpress, and screen printing.

Other Positions

+ Seattle Wunderman Network

+ Retail Voodoo

+ Toolhouse Design Inc

+ Hammerquist Studios