Ben Busy


The politics editors at Kipp Harbor Times were covering the memorial development of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. They needed a visual that conveyed the differing opinions surrounding the story.

AIGA Studio Tours

AIGA Studio Tours

The first iteration of the AIGA site. This orientation gave us the inspiration we needed to start orienting the interaction of the site around the events it was meant to support. Using a map at the foreground albeit under the fold we could ensure that every attendee with cellphone had a map to the participating studios.

The AIGA Website (Since Updated)

The AIGA Website (Since Updated)

This then put the idea in our heads to create an event based interface. That relied not on the board of AIGA (volunteers) to generate content- but instead generated content natively from the community (driving traffic to local design pages) and the events around town. (archiving AIGA events on the site with photographs for social interaction)