Ben Busy

Logos and Branding

Logos and Branding

Blink link shortening turns marketing links into natural language phrases that make audience engagement convenient and functional. I managed the development of the logo the brand colors and the associated iconography utilized on


I spearheaded the logo and type development of the brand for Macklemore’s youth outreach program, The Residency. I worked to maintain a typographic balance of hip-hop influence but with an accessibility achieved by utilizing a Crayola marker.

I then also provided consultation on supporting font selection for the identity and worked to utilize similar fonts to mesh to the MOPOP brand.



Kyle McCarty creates film in a digital age. He still truly crafts every film he puts his hands on, and needed a logo that conveyed this. That’s why each element of Kyle’s logo was made by hand and only digitized after each detail was perfected, and its readiness for the silver screen was ensured. 


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